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The Mezuzah ought to be composed by a certified author as there are lots of laws and details in the form of composing. After being composed the Mezuzah is thoroughly inspected that there are no missing out on or unnecessary letters and that there is no other flaw and only then can it be used.

The Mezuzahs offered here were written by Azriel after he was licensed by the Just Shift Institute in Israel. You are invited to inspect the quality of the Klaf (card) and the writing and select the size that fits you. The Mezuzahs come confined in plastic for defense, but without a real estate.

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Savitz Navigating the Bible II - An excellent resource for listening to chanted parts of the Hebrew text according to weekly parashiot. The klaf parchment is prepared by a certified scribe (" sofer stam ") who has undergone training, both in studying the relevant spiritual laws, and in the more useful parts i.

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I do numerous things: offer a strong grounding in what Midrash is and how it works, using special visuals to make this work for English-only students along with those who have some Hebrew skills use some historical context for midrash as a popular set of interpretive methods throughout the late second Temple duration, consisting of amongst early Jesus groups & Jewish-Christians present concrete examples of midrashic features one can discover in selected NT works build a sense of shared appreciation and deepened understanding in between Jews and Christians I've taught this product to synagogue groups, church groups, and interfaith/ blended groups, and I regularly get good feedback.

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The silk has a mind of its own and is a true reflection of the co-creative Divine process. Its everything about surender and remaining in the flow" Check out: www. html, www. html Email: rrayzel@shechinah. com Site Design and Coaching Margie Jacobs helps people to produce a gorgeous Wordpress website that is a reflection of their special work.

I also love working with B'nai Mitzvah students to develop a personalized ceremony. If you require a ritual for any other major life shifts, or something that hasn't been invented yet, call me!

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The Sefer Torah that reads from is the most fundamental foundation of all Jewish history and law. As the Zohar teaches, Israel, the Torah and G-d are all One. The Torah is the really essence of the life and soul of a Jew. There are thousands of laws included in the writing of a Torah and the other texts above and it can take months and longer to end up being specialist in these laws.

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This all takes hours and hours of extensive research study. Numerous don't understand that the writing of a Mezuzah can take as long as 8 hours to compose! A Sefer Torah can take in between one to one and a half years of full-time composing! In addition to the time required to find out and to practice this specialised art, the Sofer must likewise have the ability to afford the costs of the parchment for composing on, an ergonomic desk to compose on, as well as the other expenses involved.

Sofrut is about studying the thousands upon thousands of laws essential to write. Being a Sofer implies being accountable for the very lives of those whom one composes for.

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Seeing the Mezuzot and the errors made (found) typically points to a direct connection in between the problem and the malfunctioning Mezuzah! To end up being a Sofer means being responsible for every letter written in the Tefillin, Mezuzot, Sifrei Torah or any other files you might come to write. It's actually similar to a medical professional! It's one thing to learn more about medicine.

Rabino Yehuda Peretz- sofer stam escribano judio יהודה פרץ ממקסיקו ספר סתם  - YouTubeJewish Calligraphy - Making A Torah - Jewish Kids

And for this reason, before ending up being a doctor, one must swear the Hippocratic oath! Medication isn't practically playing with medications to come out with something that may work. Neither is it about just doing "service as usual!" Rather, medication and being a physician implies being an ethical and caring human being.



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